Fourth National Meeting of EU experts from municipalities

From 13 to 15 December, 2012 in Sofia, hotel “Princess Sofia” was held the IV-th National Meeting of EU experts from municipalities. The meeting was organized by NAMB and “NAMB – Active” LTD.

The main objective of this national forum to enable local European experts to share experience and exchange practices in the preparation and implementation of projects. Together with representatives of the Managing Authority of Operational Programme, Rural Development and the heads of other financial instruments, the experts can discuss problems and cases arising in the absorption of EU funds.

Highlights of the program: Discussion with the MA OP and RDP on improving the absorption of EU funds; Municipal participation in the formulation and achievement of national priorities for the next programming period; Financial control and audit of municipal projects.

GEOMAT BG participated and shared their experiences in the application of aerial photography in spatial planning and infratsrukturnite projects.


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